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11 things that help fix my bad credit history or poor credit history online totally free

Pay current loans and cards before 30 days elapse and if you can't, then call creditors and agree to terms of payment help to build credit.
  1. Pay down balances to less than 79% of your high credit limit across all reported lines of credit.  30% is the best ratio, but anything over 79% and your score will drop.
  2. Always try to negotiate credit help before you settle or pay past bad credit off in full. Ask for favorable updates with no new dates, removal of late payments, removal of all information, or anything you can before you make your payments. The #1 credit mistake is, asking for updates or removal "after" making payment.
  3. Dispute any and all errors on your credit report by certified delivery mail. Errors are things such as fraud, unfamiliar, mistakes, incorrect balances, paid off in full, never late, not yours, duplicate entry, incorrect dates, included in bankruptcy.
  4. Mail credit disputes with delivery confirmation and use next day air for faster and confirmed answers and updates. Send copies of any evidence you have to support your claim
  5. Keep at least 3 - 6 lines of credit open that report to bureaus. These lines of credit must be rated (open for 12 months minimum) and reported (to a major bureau). The #2 credit mistake is, failing to keep open 3 to 6 currently good and rated lines of credit like credit cards, car loans, home loans and personal loans that are for sure reported to Experian, Transunion or Equifax. Use these accounts to generate activity and keep the balances low.
  6. If you are negotiating, disputing, settling and working on your credit, then you should be monitoring results. Get credit report monitoring for 3 - 6 months or however long it takes to get your work done. You have to stay on these creditors and bureaus as up to 50% of all credit reports have errors enough to get you denied credit or rejected for a job or car insurance.
  7. Make sure, no payments, are even one date late, when you check your report. Most people have no idea that if you pull a credit report when you are 1 day late on a payment your score will be lower that day. Then if you make the payment the next day, and check your credit, your score will be higher than it was the day before. 
  8. If you make your payment sooner than 30 days past the due date, then your credit will not be negatively affected in the long run. Your score will be lower if you check it while you are late. but if you made 12 payments, within 25 days of the due date and paid the account off after 12 months, then your credit will look as if you have made perfect payments for 12 consecutive months. This is one of the most over looked aspects of free credit help. Do not try to use this, but realize your credit score is not affected by payment that are a couple of days late over then long haul.
  9. Credit updates or dispute inquiries take 30 days. So it is important to keep a watch on your credit report online to make sure the updates happen and your  credit scores get better. Almost any credit score will raise to 640 - 700 in 2 years with current good open credit and no more new bad credit. 

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What does the best credit report  look like:

  • 2 addresses in the last 7 years. Stable the last two.
  • 4 jobs max in the last 7 years. Stable the last two
  • 3 - 6 lines of credit that are 7 years on the books with less than 80% owed and no late payments.
    Such as
  • 1  or maybe 3 home loans in the past 7 years with 7 years of perfect payment activity.
  • 1 or maybe 2 open car loan with 2 - 5 years on the books with no late payments.
  • 1 gas card that shows 4 - 15 years on the books.
  • 1 major credit card with 4 - 15 years on the books
  • A couple of paid off car lines of credit that are closed. Like a car loan. 
  • 0 - 6 'I signed for" "asking for credit" credit inquiries in the last 2 years.

Be reminded that if, I have all the things listed above but, my credit shows some late payments, or even a bankruptcy (that are older than 2 years), then my credit scores fico scores, beacon scores, could still be in the 700's if I have good open credit. So always get and keep good lines of credit open, current and active.

Realize that a stable working income and budgeting are the best cures for a bad credit history or past poor credit history. If I cannot pay my bills, loans and credit cards because I lost my job, then I have to find other job fast and try to make it a keeper, so I can be stable and have good credit. If some other catastrophic thing happens "beyond my control", I have to hold my head up and realize I am not my bank account but a reasonable, live human being. So I call and tell creditors why I cannot pay, hope for help and keep plugging till something good happens.


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  1. Make sure all credit history files included in past bankruptcies show up on my credit history report as zero balance and included in bankruptcy. 
  2. Put credit fraud alerts on credit history reports totally free, that have potential credit fraud, due to  identity theft, stolen credit cards or even a stolen wallet, purse or pocketbook.
  3. Not all bad credit can be helped legally. Companies cannot get a new credit identity legally. New identities are scams and illegal!
  4. Helpful free credit help websites FTC Consumer credit counseling Money Management Home Buying Institute

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You must have 3 - 6 lines of good credit to improve bad credit. Paying off collections, rent, cell phones and medical bills do not build a good credit report or score.